In a world wrought with criminalization, criminal crises begin way before the knock on the door is heard, and encompass every aspect of our lives. 
Tamam, Rotenberg & Co. is a boutique law firm specializing in criminal litigation, white collar offenses, money laundering, financial crime and public figures. We employ a holistic perspective and an in-depth understanding of the system. 
The firm was founded by Adv. Rachamim (Rami) Tamam and Adv. Avi Rotenberg, both of whom had previously held senior positions in the combined law enforcement system - Lahav 433, State Attorney’s Office, Tax Authority, Prohibition on Money Laundering Authority, and more. 
Adv. Amit Bar is a senior litigator with vast court representation experience in a variety of cases. He heads the firm’s Litigation Department.
Our firm employs several teams of consultants in various fields of expertise, from cyber to forensics to public perception, accounting investigations and exercise of advanced investigation tools.