Representation in White Collar and Cyber Offenses

Our partners specialize in representing public figures, executives, corporations and corporate office holders in cases of white crime, financial crime, money laundering, public corruption, cyber and taxation, from early investigation stages up to representation in hearings and all legal instances.

End-to-end process - unlike many other firms whose work often begins only after the onset of the case, i.e., after investigation summons or initial detentions have been filed, our  partners are well familiar with preliminary proceedings, starting with the investigation thesis formulation, through the stages of investigation and evidence collection, to the prosecution’s consideration of whether to file an indictment and up to the trial itself. Our goal is to avoid indictments; should a client be indicted, we come prepared with the tools for optimal resolution.

Our approach is to consider all the client’s circumstances - the family coping with the crisis, the business coping with frozen bank accounts and assets, the community responding to the client’s image and status crisis, and of course, the personal crisis experienced by the client. Our process of client management entails all of these aspects.
Our service is provided under full client-attorney privilege for the entire duration of the process, all while maintaining control and decision-making with the client.

Our firm is adapt at quickly processing extensive information in “mega-cases”, identifying any logical and procedural flaws and leveraging them into litigation achievements.  
The criminal crisis is multi-faced, and we treat it as such. Occasionally, our firm integrates the work of different firms, including civil, criminal, taxing and regulatory firms, synchronizing their interaction and communications. Without such synchronization, the client might win in one area but lose in another, or provide evidence in one trial which will harm them in another. 


The firm represented and currently represents senior public servants, state officers, company managers and individuals in complex cases before the State Attorney’s Office, Tax Authority, Lahav 433 and more.