Legal representation

Our partners specialize in representing public figures, executives, corporations and corporate office holders in cases of white crime, financial crime, money laundering, public corruption, cyber and taxation, from early investigation stages up to representation in hearings and all legal instances.

Legal investigation audit

Breach of trust, fraud and embezzlement

Breach of trust, corporate manager offenses, property and information theft, embezzlement and financial fraud have all become part of every corporation’s conduct. Auditing should be conducted responsibly, discretely, and with maximal control span.

Crises management

As time progresses, businesses come face to face with more and more organizational risks and crises. 
As corporate governance and regulation evolve and change, companies are required to adjust to the new rules and limit their exposure to the extent possible, with a forward-looking perspective.

Legal-investigation services and litigation-supporting services

Our partners provide their opinions and utilize teams of experts in various fields to answer investigative, forensic and other legal queries, all with the purpose of formulating a safe environment for our clients in which to properly conduct the legal campaign. 

Inspection and investigation committees

Our partners specialize in managing inspection committees at the service of various state institutions and enterprises. 
The firm leads a team of carefully selected, case-specific experts to inspect the facts of different events, pointing to possible defects in the process. 

International Fraud, Debt Collection and Asset Locating

Our firm is part of a chain of law firms spread over dozens of countries world-wide. We conduct procedures for asset locating, debt collection, and locating and initiating proceedings against debtors/runaways around the globe.