Legal investigation audit

Breach of trust, fraud and embezzlement

Breach of trust, corporate manager offenses, property and information theft, embezzlement and financial fraud have all become part of every corporation’s conduct. Auditing should be conducted responsibly, discretely, and with maximal control span.
The firm’s experts and partners handle such cases from start to finish, beginning with factual inquiry by collecting evidence in a forensic process - identifying suspects, quantifying damages, surveillance and analysis of financial transactions, producing digital evidence in the forensic level. These actions are performed to provide the client with a confidential opinion which analyzes the conclusions, implications and civil and criminal courses of actions derived from the audit findings. The final product is a full opinion that includes a document summary of the investigation for submission to the law enforcement authorities.
Corporate executive offenses investigation and FCPA
Our firm specializes in in-depth audits to identify and/or prevent corporate executive offenses, including:
- Bribe and corruption in companies and organizations
- Antitrust events
- Tender bias events
- Various corporate governance events    

Our experts support the client throughout the entire process and provide confidential legal and investigation support, giving the client maximal control over information, knowledge, insight and manners of action.
Support for internal auditors in fraud / embezzlement exposure process.


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