Legal-investigation services and litigation-supporting services

Our partners provide their opinions and utilize teams of experts in various fields to answer investigative, forensic and other legal queries, all with the purpose of formulating a safe environment for our clients in which to properly conduct the legal campaign. 
These experts are former employees of enforcement authorities and state institutions, including: 
-    Cyber experts - computer forensics, protection, producing computer and phone evidence.
-    Overt intelligence experts - OSINT, WEBINT
-    Wiretap prevention experts
-    Investigation, surveillance and fact-checking experts
-    BI experts
-    HUMINT (human intelligence) experts
Each case begins with a round table session, attended by the best experts on the subject and led by the firm’s partners. These sessions are designed to obtain evidence grounds via legal means to prove the client’s arguments, or identify embezzlement, fraud or any act intended to harm the client. 
The produced evidence is used to establish a legal opinion which is then provided to the client along with a review of the possible courses of action and their legal implications. 
Such services are provided as litigation support in cases that are already being conducted in court, or to otherwise answer specific questions the client may have.