Crises management

As time progresses, businesses come face to face with more and more organizational risks and crises. 
As corporate governance and regulation evolve and change, companies are required to adjust to the new rules and limit their exposure to the extent possible, with a forward-looking perspective.
Embezzling employees, information and customer leaks and theft, suspicions of alleged criminal offenses or any other event that may evolve into a crisis - proper preventative measures and a timely response can reduce the negative effect on the client, the corporation, the business and its reputation.
Our partners’ proven success with high-level crises in the most senior companies and figures of the Israeli economy translates to a comprehensive knowledge of common mistakes and how regulators and the authorities tend to approach these events. This enables us to formulate a strategic plan using all the tools and experience at our disposal.
The crisis management process begins with creating a designated “war room” where we gather content experts from various fields of activity to moderate the event. The process is accompanied by legal opinions that constantly review the legal status, feasibility of future scenarios, and tools available to the client looking forward.